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Tourism Grant Information
The Decatur County Visitors and Recreation Commission's mission is to promote and develop the visitor and recreation industry in Decatur County. One of the vehicles used to "promote and develop" is grants to support the development of events and other marketing tools for the community.

Grants are offered year round and a person may apply at any time. If you would like to request a grant application, please call or stop by our office. We are located at 211 N. Broadway St. Greensburg, IN (812)222-8733

More than $100,000 has been awarded since the DCVRC was formed. Some of the groups receiving support over the years include: Downtown Greensburg Development Corporation, Power of the Past, Decatur County Historical Society, River Valley Resources, New Point Crackaway Daze, Decatur County Fair Board, The Independent Westport Area Business Association, the American Kennel Club, Town of New Point, the Decatur County Parks and Recreation Department, and Stapp's Circle S Ranch. Some of the projects funded include: websites, brochures, signage and advertising.

For additional information about this grant program or to ask questions, please email us at: info@visitgreensburg.com or call us at (812)222-8733.

For additional resource information regarding festivals in Indiana, please visit the Indiana State Festival Association.

Fire Code Enforcement

The Fire Code Enforcement branch conducts fire safety inspections of all types of occupied buildings, except one- and two- family homes and manufactured housing, throughout Indiana. These inspected buildings include schools, hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers, correctional facilities, restaurants, hotels, motels and stores. All of these buildings must be in compliance with the Indiana Fire Prevention Code and other Indiana fire safety laws. There are approximately 40,000 of these occupied buildings around the state.

There are 20 field inspectors, three field supervisors and a chief inspector in the branch. Each field inspector has a specific geographical territory. A territory may cover 10 counties, or just one-half of a county as big as Marion County, depending on the number and complexity of the buildings that must be inspected within that territory. The inspection of a small building may take as little as 30 minutes, while the inspection of a hospital or correctional facility may take as many as four days.

All Indiana festivals must adhere to the code. Click here for additional information on tents and canopies or the amusement entertainment permit. For additional information call the Greensburg Fire Department @ 812.663.8671.

The Greensburg Fire Department: www.greensburgfire.com

Food Permit Application (pdf)
Canopies and Tent Code
Application for Amusement Entertainment Permit

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