Welcome to Greensburg/Decatur County

We invite you to drop in anytime! Centrally located on I-74 between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, Greensburg/Decatur County, Indiana offers visitors a little something for everyone.

Recreation, Historic Points of Interest, Museums, Festivals, Entertainment, Agri-Tourism and Great Lodging are just some of the reasons you should visit Greensburg and Decatur County.

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Courthouse Tree

Courthouse Tree occupies a unique place among cities of the world by reason of trees that are growing from the roof of its courthouse tower.

The presence of these trees on the courthouse tower is just as much a mystery to the citizens of Greensburg as to those who look upon it for the first time.

It's been described as a curiosity of nature, a conversation piece, a tourist destination, and some have even called it the 8th wonder of the world. But the Decatur County Courthouse tree has been something else for all these years....It's been a constant.

"What is with that tree up there?"

It's a question visitors to Greensburg, Indiana have been asking for over a hundred years. The Decatur County Courthouse was built in 1860 and boasted of the tree at its top since 1870.

Around the Town
Location: Decatur County
Come visit Decatur County. Greensburg with it's multitude of unique shops and dining pleasures, to any of our smaller towns with their individual shops. If you want to stay away from the Big City and still find those "special items" then you should not by pass Decatur County.
Indiana Scenic Byways Passport Project
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Official Website of Decatur County
Location: Decatur County Indiana | Get Directions
Looking for information about Decatur County. This site has a fairly comprehensive listing on where and how to find things around Decatur County. Local offices, Law Enforcement, etc.
Offical Website for the City of Greensburg
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We are glad you are visiting our Greensburg website. The Tower Tree City is the county seat of Decatur County, surrounded by communities filled with people proud to live in southeastern Indiana. Greensburg is known for its friendliness and the opportunity for families to walk around the block feeling secure and happy. Greensburg features quality education, a strong industrial base, retail shopping, special restaurants, outstanding medical facilities, a great library and lifestyles appealing to young and old alike. We're small enough to be your neighbor and dedicated to providing quality living...
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